Welcome to my portfolio website featuring my projects for Communications Lab class taken in Fall 2018!
Feel free to explore everything that I did throughout the semester by clicking the following buttons:
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This was my first attempt at making a website.
This website was built around a video shot and editing in an hour during our second Communications Lab class.
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Ever wondered what it would feel like to age in reverse?
Join Jim, Pam, and Michael in this 2-D comic strip to find out what it is like to live
"The Reverse Circle of Life"
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Do you want to follow the journey of a refugee trying to find a new home?
Step into the shoes of a refugee in this soundscape that tries to recreate this migration story from the beginning till the end.
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Are you a hungry student looking for someeone to help you cook?
Your wait is over! Join Araz and her mysterious helper in this 3-video series as they cook a simple three-course meal with easily available ingredients.
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Are you wondering how these projects came about too?
Allow me to walk you through all my decisions involved in these projects and how each project came to life through this section!
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30 MFF Website
Comix Strip
Sounds Like
A Behind-the-Scenes look at how these projects came alive!